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The Open Group Architecture Framework
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  • Benefits
  • Education Contents
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What’s TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture?

TOGAF is the Enterprise Architecture Metodology that is created by The Open Group members in the light of the best practices which are well accepted all around the world. The Open Group is a consortium under which technology and manufacturing leaders such as IBM, NEC, HP, SAP share their experience since the 90’s. It developped a framework architecture in order to form an enterprise architecture base and international standards, and it still has been developping with the contribution of almost 300 firms. We, as PROYA, have been running the The Open Group Turkey operations and contribute to new advancements as a member.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) helps establishments to develop solutions to the irreplaceable requirements above and to create enterprise architecture analysis that are compatible with international standards by creating metodologies in order to develop solution strategies. Enterprise Architects, managers and business development specialists can transform themselves into a more beneficial and more efficient asset for their sector in today’s and tomorrow’s business world by TOGAF’s enabling power. For instance, if you were to make an application decision such that you would like to find out whether the project you are currently working on is in deed suitable for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) or not. TOGAF metodology will enable you to decide if it is wise to use SOA, to find the most suitable places to use, would look into the very basics of the project.

TOGAF certification program does not require previous experience. However, it does require you to participate in the education and examination program. TOGAF continues it’s development by the unification of propfessionals as it is among the open standards and far from manufacturing constraints. Institutions start to explore the advantages of enterprise metodologies by creating them with the help of TOGAF. We, as PROYA Professional Software Solutions, as a result of our cooperation with Shift Technologies, one of The Open Group business partners, proudly offer TOGAF Certification Education Program periodically. We will be glad to meet with you and see you among using one of our education programs.

Benefits of TOGAF® Management Architecture

Enables to make realistic and sustainable decisions by providing a point of view on the institution as a whole.

Enables to associate commercial development with IT strategies and it’s steering parameters according to the priorities that lie on the basis of the commercial strategies.

Enables an effective Change Management, the affect of which on the existing parts of the institution is easily measurable.

Enables the formation of one common spoken language by basing comminucation on standards and forming coordination between different divisions and applications of the institution.

Enables modernization, standardization, formation of technological development road map and creation of architecture structure in order to achieve technological modernization.

Minimizes the delivery times of products and services by identification and re-use of the best suitable components for the solution among the existing ones.

TOGAF® Certification Education Contents

  • DAY 1

    Introduction to the course

    General View

    TOGAF® 9.1 Components

    Introduction to Architecture Development Metadology

    Enterprise Continuity

    Architecture Repository

    Architecture Content Framework

    Architecture Content Metamodel

    Pre-Preparation Phase

    Architecture Governance

  • DAY 2

    Business Senarios

    Stakeholder Management

    Architectural View and Point of Views

    Building Blocks and Architecture Development Method

    Actualisation of the Architecture Support Techniques

    Phase A: Architecture Vision

    Phase B: Business Architecture

    Phase B: Business Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams and Matrices

    Phase C: Information Systems Architecture

  • DAY 3

    Phase C: Data Architecture

    Phase C: Data Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams and Matrices

    Integrated Information Architecture Reference Model

    Phase C: Application Architecture

    Phase C: Apllication Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams and Matrices

    Organization Architecture

    Phase D: Techology Architecture

    Phase D: Techology Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams and Matrices

  • DAY 4

    Migration Planning Tecniques

    Phase E: Oppurtunities and Solutions

    Phase F: Migration Planning

    Phase G: Implementation Governance

    Phase H: Architecture Change Management

    Architecture Development Method Requirements Management

  • DAY 5

    Division Of Architecture

    Guides for Adapting Architecture Development Model: Iterations and Levels

    Guides for Adapting Architecture Development Model: Security

    Guides for Adapting Architecture Development Model: SOA

    Architecture Maturity Models

    Architecture Capability Framework

    TOGAF® 9 Exam

Who Should Attend TOGAF® Education?

The education teaches how to integrate Enterprise Architecture tools of “The Open Group, TOGAF® Certified” metadology and how to use them effieciently, as well as how to embedd TOGAF Certified qualities into IT Architectures and how to use them effectively.

Recommended Participation Profile:

High Level Management (CxO Level)

Information Systems High Management

Enterprise Architects

Business Developmet Managers and Specialist

IT Managers

Business & IT Architects

Analysts and System Designers

Strategy & Planning Managers

Project Managers

Risk and Compliance Managers

TOGAF® Education Calendar

Educations are consisted of two categories; general participation and institution tailered.

Group educations are also provided at the comfort of your work environment as in house educations. The Internet Based Test that is supoosed to be taken at the end of the education at the Pearson Center will be provided at your firm under the supervision of proctors. Please ask for a price proposal for in house closed classroom educations.

Since General Participation educations are performed with limited number of participators, they work according to first-come first-served principle on the basis of pre-registration and registratrion. The scheduled education dates for the year of 2017 are as follows;

08 - 12 MAY 2017


13 - 17 MARCH 2017




09-13 JANUARY 2017



What are the participation requirements of TOGAF® Certification Education?

General terms for education and certification:

The education language and material is English.

TOGAF® Certification exam is performed combined (Level1 + Level2).

TOGAF® Certification exam language is English.

TOGAF® Certification exam takes place at the end of the education and is a proctored IBT (Internet Based Test).

TOGAF® education classrooms has the maximum capacity of 15 individuals.

General Requirements For Participation:

You can contact us via the pre-registration form.

Certification exam is an unseperable part of the education.

Once the pre-registration stage is complete, billing will take place in order for the registration to be completed.

In the event of cancelation or absence, refund will be made for notifications that are made 7 days prior to the start date of the education for participators whose registration process is completed. For notifications that are made less than 7 days before the start date of the education, there will be a deduction of $750.

TOGAF® Education Pre-Registration Form

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Our TOGAF® References

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