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Adobe Connect

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Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect web conferencing software service provides online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classes, and large-scale webinars.

Adobe Connect Meetings

Discover the effective power of online meetings

Instant access between devices

It allows you active collaboration directly from mobile devices, being host and making presentation

It supports participation on iOS and Android devices

It allows participants on desktop to enter without any download/upload smoothly.

It allows you to conduct meetings from your mobile device

Personal digital office

It helps you to meet by using a personalized environment that always establishes an open URL and brand awareness.

It quickly creates additional online meeting room with templates

It securely stores files, documents, layouts and notes.

It provides rich recording and editing tools

It provides you to record, edit, and repost the meetings for the access upon the widespread demand.

It offers features such as content editing, indexing, anonymizing the participants, hiding certain functions.

It provides normalization of training format in recordings with Adobe Connect Learning.

Highly secure communication and compatibility

Choose an industry-leading solution that is even used by the US Department of Defense

It provides deployment of a solution with enhanced security, compliance, and privacy controls.

It supports your audience with Section 508 accessibility standards features.

It offers unlimited functionality and extensibility.

It expands the functionality in the rooms with special compartments (or applications) built by Adobe and our partners.

It creates a customized feature to enhance your unique collaboration use case

It uses APIs for integration with your enterprise UC systems

Adobe Connect Webinars

It is the all-in-one webinar solution for marketers.

Deliver impressive experiences

Dynamic multimedia and video conferencing

Multiple interaction options

Mobile audiences benefit from the same rich experience

Templates and content for reuse

Customizable registration form

Reminder, confirmation, trigger and temporary e-mails

Full customization of the events

Customizable and permanent living environment design

Brand-appropriate account and webinar URLs

Home page and email design control

Optimize the activities to increase your income on your investments.

Internal, easy-to-use and analytical.

Webinar attendance tracking tools.

Rich visual interpretation of data

Adobe Connect Learning

It is the complete digital learning solution across the devices.

Enable mobile learning across the devices

It allows you to train and participate directly from mobile devices.

It deploys interactive mobile experiences, including breakout sessions.

You will enjoy the mobile hosting, file sharing, white board and the emoticons it provides.

It allows participants on the desktop to enter seamlessly without downloads

Offer live virtual classroom experiences

Measure student engagement with the tracking feature

Brand exclusive, customizable and persistent virtual classrooms

Simplify live session management with intuitive scene tools

Maximize the interaction with a wide range of interactive options

Support blended learning with simultaneous and asynchronous content.

Creating a curriculum with prerequisites and exams

Manage registration notifications and reminders

Create course catalogs to enable self-registration

Measure the activity with detailed student reports

Create and distribute interesting education content based on demand.

Structured curriculum creation with advanced student enrollment management

Quickly produce and distribute content using the Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in (Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter)

Create content once and stream it across the devices, including SCORM and AICC content

Use the features of the Learning Management System (LMS) at some portion of the cost with Adobe Connect or integrate them with your existing LMS

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