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Active Defense for the Enterprise of Things

Knowing what is on the network is critical

A Zero Trust Platform for

• Network Access Control

• IoT Security

• Network Segmentation

• OT Security

• Asset Inventory

• Device Compliance

• Security Orchestration

Forescout actively defends the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing.

It is a manufacturer that offers Next-Generation NAC (Network Access Control) solution and is in a leading position in its field. The NAC solution it offers is different from its competitors with its independent manufacturer support and its ability to work integrated with other network and security products. It enables companies to have complete control over their Network structures with the working logic that is completely separated from the classical NAC perspective and the solutions it supports.

With CounterACT® New Generation Network Access Control technology, it monitors users, devices, operating systems and applications in real time without requiring any infrastructure change (brand independent) in your existing system.

  • It classifies all devices in your network as a result of monitoring and discovery.
  • With its ready-made policies, it provides you with ease of management, shows and closes the vulnerabilities in your system.
  • It automatically registers guest and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices.
  • It automatically responds instantly to threats without the need for human intervention.
  • It automatically detects the attacker (Rogue) devices, shows which switch they are connected to your network and blocks them.
  • It automatically takes out the Inventory of the systems in your network.
  • Regulation provides reports according to audit rules.

ForeScout Technology offers solutions under three main headings for attacks that pose a risk for all organizations, regardless of the sector:

SEE – ForeScout CounterACT® allows you to see the devices connected to your network simultaneously with its unique technology and agentless architecture. In addition, CounterACT® instantly classifies and evaluates the devices connected to your network and continuously monitors them according to the changes in the connection status.

CONTROL – ForeScout CounterACT® offers a wide network access control solution after determining the devices in your network, the owners of these devices and their purpose. With this solution, you can restrict incompatible devices from accessing the network, block internet access, quarantine devices with detected anomalies and / or inform the owners of the devices in line with security concerns. In addition, CounterACT® automates your isolation by assigning certain devices to a different network segment or VLAN.

ORCHESTRATE – Forescout, with its patented orchestration feature, divides the environments with different manufacturers’ products into security management layers, significantly increasing network security. The wide range of compatibility offered by CounterACT® on 3rd party networks and management systems and the special information provided by Forescout on security provides a unique integration with the manufacturers it works with. In addition to CounterACT’s agentless architecture and control capabilities, enhanced module technology not found in other manufacturers; It provides natural integration with ATD, SIEM, mobile device management (MDM), vulnerability scanning (Vulnerability Assessment) and endpoint protection (AV) systems.

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