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IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Companies often face unnecessary license and maintenance costs for their unused software and hardware, especially since there is no statistical data on the use of applications in the software inventory.

In addition to these, many software and hardware purchases are made due to processes such as lack of coordination between different departments, organizational and project changes.

Detailed information on IT inventory is required to recover unused software, meet compliance requirements, and increase availability. Especially in terms of security of this information, patching the security vulnerabilities detected in the applications also appears as a burden.

With IVANTI IT Asset Management, you can control your entire inventory from end to end and track its processes.

License Optimizer for Clients & Servers
  • Software inventory tracking,
  • Details of new purchases,
  • Vendor tracking and communication.

Ivanti’s IT Hardware Management solution, on the other hand, covers the details of the use and support dates of the hardware.

Taken with these 3 solutions, IT Asset Management provides a complete usability capability to maximize the performance and value of your Hardware and software.

License Optimizer for Clients
  • You can examine your software assets in detail with reports.
  • You discover what software is in the company, you can view their use.
  • To maximize the performance and value of your software, you can request unused licenses back from users and re-license the software.
  • You can bring together the information you need to minimize cost, reduce audit risk, and drive transformations across any IT environment.
License Optimizer for Servers

It enables you to quickly view data center complexity to better manage your IT investments, thus driving cost savings and efficiencies. The solution identifies and manages software assets for on-premises and hybrid cloud virtualization environments such as VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and IBM Power Virtualization.

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