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Phishing Simulation & Awareness Training
Test Security Awareness of Employees

The human factor is one of the factors that can threaten the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of the data in an organization. This lack of control over employees provides a great basis for phishing attacks.

With Olta.la, you can test and raise awareness of your employees’ cyber security awareness, social engineering tactics and sensitivity to ransomware attacks.

Phishing Template Library
  • 300+ ready-made email templates
  • HTML & rich text infrastructure for template preparation
  • Creating a welcome & referral page
  • Sending e-mail with the name / surname specific
  • Awareness and knowledge entry tests
  • Attached and downloadable file tests (Word, Excel, PDF and HTML)
  • Edit sender name, address and subject
USB Simulation Test

Find out what your users’ reactions to unknown USBs are.

  •  Download your custom “bookmarked” file.
  • Copy to any USB, tag it.
  • Leave it to specific areas of your institution.

Be aware of the danger.


Follow-up of the grading of the department, group, staff and the entire institution.
Enterprise report
Personnel scorecard
Group report
Department report

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