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Zero Trust Security


Limited access for adequate, just-in-time privilege

Control privileged access to critical administrator-level accounts in your corporate network with sufficient privileges and using advanced monitoring and reporting features. Thus, you minimize your privileged access security risk.

Product features


Simplify user authentication from your Active Directory, LDAP, and cloud directories to your Linux servers. Centralize access on your Linux, Unix, MAC and mobile devices with Active Directory Bridge.

Adaptive MFA for Privileged Access

Strengthen privileged access by adding an extra layer for access, if necessary, according to the user profile accessing your critical systems with Multi Factor Authentication.

Privileged Authorization

Manage privileges according to the roles of people in your organization by granting only enough privileges and minimize security vulnerabilities that may arise from excess authority.

Enterprise Password Management

Manage the passwords of many critical shared accounts such as service accounts, super user accounts, servers, network devices and cloud services in your institution, and change your passwords regularly according to the policies you set.

Privileged Access Request

Respond to instant password requests with the possibility of a fully self-service employee and multiple approval mechanism. Manage temporary login sessions

Secure Remote Access

Provide secure remote access to your systems without the need for a VPN. Keep your remote connections free of risks regardless of their location to remote IT employees and 3rd party companies.

Session Recording and Monitoring

Instantly monitor and record the sessions of users connecting to your systems. Prevent suspicious behavior with instant monitoring. You can archive high quality video recordings and watch historical recordings over and over again.

Auditing and Reporting

Report user activities with advanced reporting methods. Search for video recordings by servers, users.

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