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Secure Endpoint Operating System


IGEL is a well-established technology company that provides enterprise endpoint computing solutions. Headquartered in Germany, this company serves many customers worldwide. The company’s main focus is to provide secure, flexible, and manageable endpoint solutions.

IGEL OS: IGEL OS, the flagship product of IGEL, is a secure, flexible, and manageable operating system. It is optimized for thin clients, virtual desktop solutions, and other endpoint devices. It provides users with a secure working experience in virtualized desktop environments. IGEL OS stands out with its robust security features, easy management, and high performance.

IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS): UMS is IGEL’s centralized management platform. It enables the centralized management of all IGEL OS-based devices from a single location. It simplifies many management functions such as application deployment, security settings, monitoring, and reporting.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG): ICG enables cloud-based management of IGEL OS devices. This allows remote users to securely manage their devices and receive updates.

IGEL Workspace Edition: This is a package that simplifies the management of IGEL OS-based devices. Employees can work seamlessly from anywhere using any device.

IGEL UD Pocket: This is a portable USB device that users can plug into any computer. Running IGEL OS, this device provides users with a secure virtual desktop experience.

IGEL UD Pocket2: Similar to the first-generation UD Pocket, it operates with a more powerful processor and greater storage capacity.

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