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In the Diagnostics training you will learn and experience the key differences between On-Board and Off-Board Diagnostics.

What do we understand by On-Board and Off-Board? What purpose does it serve? How does the diagnostic management of each ECU take place? How does the system react? How to read and avoid errors? How is the diagnostic tested and documented? What are (ODX) Diagnostic services and how are they developed? and of course Diagnostic Communication Protocol: UDS…


Duration: 1 Day

Number of participants: Minimum 5 people, maximum 16 people

Location: Whether in our own R&D center or at your place

Prerequisite: Knowledge of automotive systems

Language of Instruction: This training can be offered in 3 different languages: Turkish, English or German

Target Group

• Software Engineers
• Software Architects
• Project Leaders
• Managers

Training Program (1 Day)

Overview of Diagnostics

Standard Definitions (Example: DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code)

Comparison: On-Board / Off-Board Diagnostics

Communication Protocol for Diagnostic Test: UDS (Unified Diagnostics Services)

Network Communication Protocols: CAN, Flexray

Development of Diagnostic Services

Benefits of ODX Exchange

Development and diagnostic testing of one or more ECUs


Standard software packages (BSW) specific to AUTOSAR and Diagnostics

Standard software packages (BSW) specific to AUTOSAR and Diagnostics

DCM: Diagnostic Communication Manager

DEM: Diagnostic Event Manager

FIM: Function Inhibition Manager

On-Board Diagnostic Certification and Documentation

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