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Driving Network Visibility

Flowmon – Network Visibility

We have peripheral security products (UTM, Firewall, NAC..) and endpoint security products (AntiVirus, Personal Firewall…etc) in companies. But the 3rd big slice of the pie is Network monitoring and network visibility. It is only possible to detect very small movements, a foreign client downloading a small amount from one of your server, a malicious application attacking other internal servers from an internal server, only by dominating your network.

Flowmon does this for you, learns your network and performs behavioral analysis. You don’t have to sit and watch your network all the time. Just like a fake IP seen for the first time, or someone who has never downloaded a download, the network shows you every activity that has never been seen before.

Today, security tools that act according to certain templates and blacklists are insufficient or late to prevent some threats. These vulnerabilities can only be overcome with tools that detect threats with behavioral analyzes that are not based on a specific database.

Technical specifications :

It performs packet analysis from L2 to L7.

It does Application Monitoring.

Conducts behavioral analysis

DDoS attack redirects (BGP injection)

It records the traffic you want. (Reduce 500:1 and store as .pcapfiles)

Detailed system and network monitoring

Increasing system security

Quick and effective system problem solving

Detect advanced threats and targeted attacks

Detecting malware and data leaks in the system

Capacity planning and network optimization in a simple and easy way

For managers; simplified network management, increased user and customer satisfaction

Detailed user and service tracking

Helps you develop your network quickly and without breaking the system

DDoS attack prevention

Compatible with NetFlow and IPFIX standards

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