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IBM Security

IBM is the largest information technology company in the world. It operates in more than 170 countries with over 410,000 employees. IBM Security solutions is built on a framework that contains hardware, software, and services.

These capabilities consist of best practices and powerful tools that have been designed to provide:

IBM Security Solutions Map

As cyber-attacks become more pervasive, it’s only a matter of time before your organization becomes a target. From the moment your security is compromised, every minute counts. IBM Security solutions help you identify, respond and block security breaches through integrated software and hardware solutions.

The powerful IBM portfolio of industry-leading tools provides unique security intelligence with less complexity and lower maintenance costs. IBM Security solutions helps you have a holistic and mature security posture that helps reducing costs, improving services, managing risks, and improving innovation.

Endpoint Protection

It means that you need to evaluate the vulnerabilities found in your enterprise network, speed up the risk prioritization process, and intervene in the threat in a matter of minutes at all endpoints. IBM Endpoint Protection solutions provide comprehensive endpoint security solutions to detect and stop advanced threats before they cause any damage.

IBM Endpoint Protection solutions help you:

Monitoring and securing each endpoint inside and outside the enterprise network during, before and after an attack.

Ensuring real-time situational awareness and immediate incident response at endpoints to minimize damage.

Obtaining advanced protection against spyware from the moment a threat is identified until security patches are applied.

Closing the endpoint gap between IT operations and Security to reduce operational costs while improving the security state.

IBM Endpoint Protection Solutions:

IBM BigFix: It offers intelligent and fast endpoint security and scalable management.

IBM Content Analysis Software Development Kit: It allows to manage spam, inconvenient and malicious web content.

IBM Trusteer Apex Advanced Malware Protection: It helps you maximize security with the right advanced threat protection.

IBM Server Protection: It offers multi-layered protection against known and unknown threats.

Network Protection

As you read this, attackers are constantly trying to hack into your network. They are using more and more sophisticated methods to find a way out. Do you have the visibility to stop them?

IBM Network Protection solutions are based on the time-tested security of the intrusion prevention portfolio. It provides new levels of security from advanced threats, enhanced network visibility, and progressive control between applications, users, and groups.

There will always be various attacks on your network, next generation network security solutions that recognize these attacks and adapt to block them in real time protect your infrastructure against these threats.

IBM Network Protection solutions help you:

Get the latest data on internet threats to understand emerging threats faster and gain deeper insights and context.

Quickly investigate the latest global security threats, gather actionable intelligence, and collaborate with colleagues.

Reduce your vulnerability to advanced malware by increasing your visibility and control over application and user behavior.

Protect your entire network from known and unknown threats using the latest threat intelligence and behavior analysis.

Save time and resources with automated threat intelligence feedback and virtual patching technology.

IBM Network Protection Solutions:

IBM Network Active Bypass: It optimizes the availability of your protected network.

IBM Network Protection: It provides a new layer of security, provides visibility and control.

IBM X-Force Exchange Commercial API: It offers systematical access to threat intelligence and security research.

IBM Network Protection for VMware: It protects private virtualized networks from advanced persistent threats and malware.

IBM SiteProtector System: It is the central security management solution for IBM intrusion prevention solutions.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Corporate mobility, which allows users to work effortlessly, collaborate frequently and attract customers, is very important for companies. IBM Enterprise Mobility Management combines device, application, and content management with powerful security to simplify your mobile device. You can monitor threats and automate compliance to maximize security without compromising user experience.

IBM Enterprise Mobility Management solutions help you:

Protecting devices – Deploy and manage mobile and roaming devices from enterprise-owned assets to BYOD implementation.

Security of content and collaboration – Ensure secure file and document sharing across mobile devices.

Protecting applications and data – Develop secure code and protect mobile applications from data leakage.

Manage Mobile Access and fraud – Prevent unauthorized mobile access by providing mobile security to perform secure transactions with customers and solution partners.

Extending security intelligence – Identify mobile trends in many security incidents to help organizations quickly identify potential crimes and eliminate false positive conclusions.

IBM Enterprise Mobility Management Products :

IBM MaaS360: Manage and protect your devices, applications, and content from a single console.

IBM MaaS360 Management Suite: Control the mobile devices and applications that enter your company.

IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite: Implement enterprise security policies to prevent data loss.

IBM MaaS360 Content Suite: It provides simple, scalable solutions for distributing, managing, and protecting documents.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite: Enterprise Mobile Gateway provides simple, secure mobile access to enterprise resources.

IBM MaaS360 Devices: It offers simplified device management with fast deployment, visibility and control for mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Applications: It provides deployment, management and protection of enterprise and private applications.

IBM MaaS360 Expenses: It provides centralized tracking of mobile data expenses and costs across the company.

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mail: Store and control corporate emails, calendars, and contacts on mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Browser: Access intranet sites and control access to websites in the enterprise browser.

IBM MaaS360 Application Security: Integrate enterprise security into mobile applications as well.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Content Management: Manage and distribute content while reducing the risk of data leakage on devices.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Editor: It implements security controls for creating, editing, and saving content.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Browser: It provides access to corporate intranet and internal resources without a VPN connection.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Documents: It provides access to corporate internal documents and corporate file servers without a VPN connection.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Apps: It allows you to develop enterprise applications and connect to the application without the need for a VPN connection.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management: It provides mobile anti-malware and increased effective protection.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management: It provides protection and security for Windows and MAC computers through a single console.

IBM MaaS360 for Windows: It is a solution for preparing, managing, and protecting Windows laptops wirelessly.

IBM MaaS360 for Mac OSX: It is a solution for preparing, managing and protecting MAC laptops wirelessly.

IBM MaaS360 for iOS: It is an enterprise data, email, content, document and application protection and management solution for iOS devices.

IBM MaaS360 for Android: It is an enterprise data, email, content, document and application protection and management solution for Android devices.

IBM MaaS360 for Windows Phone: It enables security policies to be applied and action to be taken on Windows phones.

IBM MaaS360 for Samsung: It allows the security features that come with Samsung KNOX to be managed through the Samsung's proprietary API interface.

Identity and Access Management

Today, organizations are required to manage and implement user access on multiple channels, including mobile, social, and cloud environments. These organizations also need to respond to business requirements, such as role management, compliance and audit reporting, and integrating different user groups. IBM Security identity and access management solutions help to strengthen compliance and reduce risks by ensuring the security of user access and monitoring user access in today’s environments which have multiple perimeter networks.

IBM Identity and Access Management solutions help you:

Providing the security of mobile, cloud and social access.

Prevent advanced insider threats.

Simplifying cloud integrations and identity silos.

Providing actionable identity intelligence.

IBM Identity and Access Management Products :

IBM Access Manager: Take back the control of your access management by integrating it.

IBM Access Manager for DataPower: It is a unified security gateway solution for multi-channel enterprises.

IBM Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On: It reduces the cost and complexity of password management and user access.

IBM Access Manager for Mobile: It provides solutions to mobile security challenges for web environments and mobile environments.

IBM Access Manager for Web: It protects mobile, cloud and social access.

IBM Directory Suite: It creates a single authorised directory by converting and synchronizing identity data from different sources.

IBM Identity and Access Assurance: It provides identity and access assurance across web, cloud and enterprise infrastructures.

IBM Directory Integrator: It provides reliable identity infrastructure by synchronizing data from different sources.

IBM Directory Server: It establishes a reliable authentication infrastructure for authentication by using LDAP.

IBM Identity and Access Manager: Integrated identity and web access management strengthens the security and compliance.

IBM Identity Governance: It provides a business-centric approach for analyzing, identifying, and verifying the user access.

IBM Identity Governance and Administration: It provides a business-oriented management of accounts and management of access rights.

IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence: It provides a business-centric approach for analyzing, identifying, and verifying user access.

IBM Identity Services for Cloud: Protect and control your IT environment with cloud-based identity access management.

IBM Privileged Identity Manager: It helps to prevent internal threats by securing and controlling privileged identities.

IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager: Unified access management enables security-rich collaboration in the cloud.

IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway: It protects information exchanged by reliable partners.

IBM Tivoli Security Policy Manager: It enables the implementation of security policies in IT application environments.

Security Intelligence and Operation

Almost all security teams around the world demand to analyze and interpret billions of events per day for possible attacks that may happen. IBM Sense AnalyticsTM security intelligence can help you to identify and prioritize threats that pose the greatest risk to your business, so you can deal with them quickly. IBM’s intelligent approach to security helps you to find the threats quicker, identify the vulnerabilities, perform forensic analysis, manage the risks, automate compliance and respond to the incidents. IBM Security Intelligence and Operations solutions utilize security-related information across your organization, use analytics and automation to provide context and help you identify threats quicker, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, perform forensic analysis, and automate compliance activities.

IBM Security Intelligence and Operations solutions help you:

It analyzes logs, flows, security gaps, user and asset data through a single and integrated solution architecture.

It identifies high-risk threats by featuring an association close to real-time and detection of unusual situations on behaviors.

It identifies security gaps from billions of data points, manages risks and identifies high priority issues.

It provides full visibility into network, application, and user activity.

It performs comprehensive forensic problem analysis to quickly examine and block malicious activities.

It creates and implements plans for automated incident response.

It supports regulatory compliance by means of aggregation, association, and reporting capabilities.

IBM Security Intelligence and Operations Solutions :

IBM Security QRadar SIEM: It provides security intelligence to protect assets and information from advanced threats.

IBM Security QRadar Network Insights: It analyzes network traffic in real time for visibility against security threats.

IBM Security QRadar Data Node: It scales storage and processing power in a cost-effective manner, while enhancing search performance.

IBM Security QRadar Risk Manager: It is an automated risk management solution for monitoring network device configurations and compliance.

IBM Security QRadar Log Manager: It provides Log management to protect IT infrastructures and meet compliance requirements.

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager: It provides intelligent vulnerability scanning to reduce critical threats and ensure compliance.

IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics: It conducts in-depth security measures research quickly and easily.

IBM Security QRadar QFlow Collector: It performs advanced analysis of network flow data at the application level.

IBM Security QRadar VFlow Collector: It performs the advanced analysis of network flow data in virtual infrastructures at application-level.

IBM Security Resilient Incident Response Platform Standard: It is an incident response planning and management solution for midsized organizations.

IBM Security Resilient Incident Response Platform Enterprise: It provides centralized management and automation of incident response.

IBM Security Security Intelligence on Cloud: It is a cloud security service that offers fast installation and reduced capital costs.

Uygulama Güvenliği (Application Security)

IBM X-Force ® research constantly reveals that a significant part of the vulnerability is related to the use of web and mobile applications. In order to effectively overcome the security challenges of the application, organizations need to test their software and applications across their entire portfolio and reduce security costs; testing and verification should be done as early as possible. IBM’s industry-leading application security solutions help the organizations to minimize the risks while strengthening the compliance. Our team of security research experts can help your organization to create policies that will protect your system against attack threats and data breaches more effectively. It makes applications safe from malicious use today and helps you fix potential attacks in the future.

IBM Application Security solutions help you:

Developing program management related to application security.

Evaluating software code, Web applications, and mobile applications for vulnerabilities.

Automating the association of static and dynamic application security test results.

Use of a single console in order to manage application tests, reporting and policies.

The ability to take advantage of industry-leading testing capabilities that can integrate with a range of IBM security solutions.

IBM Application Security Solutions :

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise: The application ensures compliance with security program management and enterprise compliance rules.

IBM Security Application Security on Cloud: It performs a convenient and secure application security test on cloud infrastructures.

IBM Security AppScan Source: It provides identification and remediation of vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications.

IBM Security Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions: It improves mobile security with integrated application tightening.

IBM Security MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning: It provides resolution of security vulnerabilities in mobile applications.

IBM Security Cloud Security Enforcer: Discover, manage, and secure employee usage in cloud applications.

Data Security

IBM Data Security solutions are a comprehensive data security platform that provides all capabilities from discovery and classification of sensitive data, to monitoring data and file activity, and masking, encryption, blocking, alerting and quarantine for the protection of sensitive data. Guardium helps to secure sensitive data in all environments, from databases to big data, cloud and file systems. Guardium also provides automated analysis to quickly uncover insider and outsider risks to sensitive data. The solution easily adapts to changes in your IT environment, whether it involves adding new users, requiring greater scalability, or adding new technologies.

IBM Data Security solutions help you:

Discover and classify sensitive data, expose compliance risks automatically.

Know who is accessing your data, detect unusual situations, and stop data loss by monitoring data activity.

Protect the business from liability with comprehensive audit capabilities and automated data compliance for dynamic and static fixed data.

Protect critical data with encryption, masking, redaction and dynamic blocking and alerting system

Block or create alerts about the data access of the internal and external files with real-time responses in case of unusual or suspicious behaviors.

Support new and traditional data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud

Support your entire data protection process, from end-to-end data protection to compliance with the same infrastructure and approach.

Reduce costs and improve results by using a single data protection infrastructure for your entire environment

IBM Data Security Solutions :

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager: It provides centralization, simplification and automation of the encryption keys.

IBM Security Guardium Suite: A data security platform that provides real-time data security.

IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor: It provides data access control and automatic compliance control solutions in large data infrastructures.

IBM Security Guardium Activity Monitor for Files: It continuously monitor non-structured data access and protects sensitive data throughout the company.

IBM Security Guardium Data Redaction: It automatically detects and removes sensitive content from unstructured data sources.

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment: It takes corrective actions by evaluating vulnerabilities in the database infrastructure.

IBM Security Guardium Express Activity Monitor for Databases: It improves compatibility with data access permissions and improves database security.

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption: It provides encryption of sensitive data and relevance with compliance rules.

IBM Security Guardium for Applications: It ensures the security of web application data to ensure compatibility and privacy.

IBM Security Data Privacy for Hadoop: It masks and monitors confidential information with Hadoop to protect privacy.

Advanced Fraud Protection

IBM Security Trusteer products, a holistic, integrated internet crimes fraud prevention platform, can detect and prevent online, mobile, and cross-channel fraud. Security Trusteer products helps you to prevent the true reason of fraud, reduces its operational impact, improves customer experience, and leverages global intelligence service. IBM Security Trusteer products help to detect and prevent hacking attempts of all kinds, which are responsible for the majority of online, mobile and cross-channel fraud. IBM Security Trusteer products provide a holistic and integrated cybercrime fraud prevention platform. This platform is based on four basic principles in order to help to prevent the root cause of fraud, improve the customer experience, reduce the impact on operations, and benefit from a global intelligence service.

Preventing the root cause of fraud; It performs by analyzing risk factors and flaging high-risk transactions.

Offering an improved customer experience; interruptions in the transactions of customers who perform their transactions legally are greatly reduced.

Reducing the impact on operations; With the SaaS solution, it helps to get faster responses from online and mobile applications.

Benefit from a global intelligence service; Information can be retrieved from hundreds of millions of endpoints to dynamically adapt different layers of protection.

IBM Anti-Fraud Advanced Protection Solutions :

IBM Security Fraud Protection Suite: The leading intelligence-based cybercriminal prevention platform for fiscal fraud.

IBM Security Rapport: It prevents online financial dangers with industry-leading technology.

IBM Security Pinpoint Criminal Detection: It detects criminals based on evidence and provides account takeover activities.

IBM Security Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition: It detects the devices infected from malicious software and identifies potential risks.

IBM Security Mobile Risk Engine: It detects mobile and cross-channel fraud risks.

IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK: It provides a security library for standard mobile web applications on Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

IBM Security Mobile Browser: It provides a web access that is rich interms of security with the mobile browser.

Mainframe Security

IBM Mainframe Security solutions help you to protect your organization, detect threats, comply with policies and regulations, and reduce costs.

Protect cloud, mobile and big data applications on a high-performance secure platform.

Reduce business risk by implementing security policy and best practices.

Provide closed-loop, automated security intelligence and threat removal.

Simplify the procurement, management, and authorization of users, groups, and resources.

Integrate with distributed security solutions and applications.

IBM Mainframe Security Solutions :

IBM Security zSecure Adapters for QRadar SIEM: It collects and formats Host System Management Organization (SMF) audit information and sends it to IBM Security QRadar SIEM.

IBM Security zSecure Admin: It adds a user-friendly layer over RACF to help improving management and reporting.

IBM Security zSecure Alert: It monitors mainframe for external and internal security threats.

IBM Security zSecure Alert for ACF2: It can detect attacks and detect misconfigurations through a real-time threat monitoring of the mainframe (ACF2).

IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Administration: It is an efficient security management, threat detection, auditing and compliance reporting solution.

IBM Security zSecure Alert for RACF: It can detect attacks and detect incorrect configurations through a real-time threat monitoring of the mainframe (RACF).

IBM Security zSecure Audit: It allows you to detect and report security incidents and exposures in major events.

IBM Security zSecure Audit for ACF2: It provides analysis and reporting on host security events (ACF2); audits and detects hazards.

IBM Security zSecure Audit for RACF: It provides analysis and reporting on mainframe security incidents (RACF); audits and detects hazards.

IBM Security zSecure Audit for Top Secret: It provides analysis and reporting on mainframe security incidents (TSS).

IBM Security zSecure CICS Toolkit: It provides access to free RACF resources from routine administrative tasks via the CACS interface.

IBM Security zSecure Command Verifier: It necessitates hosts to comply with the policies through detailed checks for RACF commands.

IBM Security zSecure Manager for RACF z/VM: It provides unified control and management functionality for the z/VM environment.

IBM Security zSecure Visual: It provides cost savings by centralizing RACF management through a Microsoft Windows-based GUI.

IBM Security zSecure Administration: It provides effective and efficient management of the mainframe security.

IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Auditing: It detects security events and sends alerts about threats.

All IBM Security Products:

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IBM BigFix

The Industry’s leading Endpoint Management Platform

BigFix is a powerful endpoint management solution widely used by organizations of various sizes to ensure endpoints are continuously patched, compliant and secure. For each endpoint, BigFix is able to collect a wealth of data including device attributes, patch status, deployment progress, etc. which is collected and stored centrally.


You can further consolidate tools, reduce the number of endpoint agents, and lower your management costs by extending your investment in BigFix Compliance to include other modules in the BigFix family. It allows you to increase your control over with 3 capabilities:

1. BigFix Compliance, continuously enforces configuration compliance with thousands of out-of-the-box security checks aligned with industry-standard security benchmarks. Plus, it delivers advanced vulnerability posture reporting for remediation prioritization.

  • Security Configuration Management, ensure continuous endpoint configuration compliance with effective remediation of configuration drifts. Supports security benchmarks published by CIS, DISA STIG, USGCB, and PCI DSS.
  • Patch Management, deploy patches to distributed and virtual endpoints using Windows, UNIX, Linux and MacOS operating systems and third-party vendors, including Adobe, Mozilla, Apple, and Oracle – regardless of location, connection type or status.
  • Device Discovery, Scan your entire network to identify all IP-addressable devices for pervasive visibility and control with minimal network impact.
  • Compliance Analytics and Reporting, Collect, aggregate, and report on security configuration, patch and vulnerability compliance status of all endpoints against deployed policies. Track vulnerabilities, status and trends to identify security exposures and prioritize remediation.

2. BigFix Lifecycle, IT and Security Operations teams can quickly discover, secure, and manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints within hours or minutes. BigFix Lifecycle delivers the core “must have” endpoint management capabilities that these teams need daily. Lifecycle provides an automated, simplified, patch process that achieves greater than 98% first-pass patch success rates across Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, AWS, Azure, VMware instances, located on and o the enterprise network. All automation and content streams are curated and tested, and once deployed, they are validated. Additionally, BigFix Lifecycle includes OS provisioning, software deployment, remote control, task sequence automation, and PC & Mac power management.

3. BigFix Inventory, This software enables users to discover and analyze applications installed on desktops, laptops, and servers. Drill-down information about software publishers, titles, and applications—down to the version level—also includes aggregated statistics and usage information. BigFix Inventory ddramatically reduce the time required to conduct a comprehensive software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes. It provides valuable insight into what the organization owns—and what it has installed but does not own—along with how often the software is being used.

FIX More with Less Effort, with BigFix Modern Client Management.

  1. Most MDMs look the same; BigFix offers a single view for all your managed devices across all management methods.
  2. Dive deeper by viewing your co- managed devices alongside your classic devices.
  3. Combined with Insights BigFix Modern Client Management offers you more automation possibilities

Device Enrollment: Enroll devices via the browser with a link to the enrollment page

  • Welcome email with link.
  • End user supplies their corp credentials.
  • Laptop enrolled in BigFix MCM, (optionally)
  • BigFix traditional agent is pushed.
  • Required corp software is installed, patches are updated, device compliance is established and maintained.

Device Inventory: Whether you’re working in the cloud or on-premises, get a single, comprehensive view of all your endpoints

  • Represents Cloud endpoints
  • Device managed with BigFix Modern
  • Client Management
  • Device managed with the traditional BigFix agent

MDM Policies: You can create, edit, and manage MDM policies on modern endpoints

  • Kernel Extensions
  • Configuring Inactivity Timeout and Passcode settings
  • OSX Activation Lock
  • Configuring Full Disk Access for BigFix Traditional Agent

MDM Actions: You can deploy a set of actions to manage Modern Endpoints

  • Lock Device
  • Wipe Device
  • Restart
  • Shutdown
  • Remove Policy
  • Deploy the traditional BigFix Agent agents

BigFix is built on a unique, highly scalable infrastructure that distributes decision making out to the endpoints. This provides extraordinary functional and performance benefits across the entire BigFix family while reducing the cost of endpoint management and infrastructure complexity. BigFix features:

A single intelligent agent

The BigFix Agent performs multiple functions, including continuous self-assessment and policy enforcement, with minimal impact on system performance. The BigFix Agent initiates actions in an intelligent manner, sending messages upstream to the central management server and pulling patches, configurations, or other information, to the endpoint in real-time. The BigFix Agent runs on more than 90 operating systems across Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MacOS.

BigFix Fixlets

BigFix Fixlets are small units of automation that allow IT Teams to simplify their daily operations and focus on more complex operations. BigFix provides more than 500,000 Fixlets out of the box. The BigFix team is continuously updating the Fixlet library, with over 130 content updates a month. BigFix users, business partners, and developers can leverage Fixlets to create custom policies and services for endpoints managed by BigFix. A community library of Fixlets is available on BigFix.me.

Highly scalable architecture.

A single BigFix Management Server can manage up to 250,000 physical and virtual computers, over private or public networks. Managed endpoints may include servers, desktops, roaming laptops, and specialized devices such as Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices, ATMs, and self-service kiosks.

Do More with Multicloud

Cloud endpoints can be easily discovered and viewed alongside traditional endpoints, in a single user interface, with BigFix 10. Knowing what you have is half the battle, and BigFix 10 allows you to go a step further and deploy the BigFix Agent for complete visibility, control, and security of these endpoints. It allows you to manage endpoints running in multiple cloud environments simultaneously – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMWare – alongside physical and other on-premise endpoints.
BigFix minimizes the cost, time and efford required to discover, manage and secure endpoints in real-time

A single, comprehensive view of all your endpoints, whether they are running in the cloud or on premise

  • Extend BigFix capabilities to the leading cloud providers: Amazon, Azure, Vmware
  • Provide visibility and control for all your endpoints
  • Simplify cloud visibility with native API support
  • Automation to add the BigFix agent to perform patch, compliance, and inventory workflows

Quickly visualize risk while easily finding the endpoint issues that matter most

  1. A new analytic tools for deeper insight into risk and operational efficiency
  2. Powerful Data Repository to ingest data from all BigFix data sources
  3. Integrates data from leading vulnerability and incident response solutions worldwide

Out of the box reports

To demonstrate the benefits of all data consolidated to a single data repository and provide business value out of the box, BigFix Insights leverages Tableau Software® to provide four reports for several important endpoint management areas that many organizations constantly focus on: Patch Rhythm, Device Inventory, OS Migration, and Deployment Progress.

Patch Rhythm, Top down visuals that allow you to assess at-a-glance how well you are protecting the business

  • Patch Rhythm addressing 4 key areas; Patch Exposure with timeline, Patch Exposure by Severity/Age, Exposures by Category, Exposures by Vendor
  • High level and insightful data summaries, grouped by different criteria
  • Quick drill-down to specific areas with filtering directly on the criteria
  • Concise view of your exposure to vulnerabilities as a multiple of endpoints and applicable patches

Device Inventory, Provide a view of all devices so that you can prioritize migrations from soon to be out of support operating systems

  • Reports addressing 4 key areas; Device Overview, Last Report Time by Device Type, Groups Overview, OS by Version
  • Device types by server vs workstation, hardware vs cloud/virtual, mobile vs stationary
  • Drill down to level of detail desired/required
  • Understand where your investment is regarding OS vendors

Operating System Migrations, Provide a clear view of OS migration efforts

  • Reports addressing 3 key areas; OS Migrations, Groups Overview, OS Overview
  • Clear understanding of the volume of effort to date and effort needed to complete migration

Deployment Progress, Provide a measure of success for patch or software upgrade efforts with an enterprise view for executives

  • Addresses 4 key areas; Successful Deployment Over Time, Success Rate, By Group, Application Type
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IBM Security XGS Network Protection protects your infrastructure from advanced threats by providing new levels of security, enhanced network visibility, and progressive control across applications, users, groups.

The security vulnerability is reduced to advanced malware by increasing visibility and control over application and user behavior. It works with the latest data on internet threats to understand emerging threats in a shorter time and get more comprehensive insights and context.

Features of IBM Security XGS Network Protection:

It provides visibility into the network, including the applications used, the websites accessed, and the actions performed.

It also provides progressive control, including actions within specific web and non-web applications.

It protects web applications from threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.

It is supported by IBM X-Force research and provides protection for threats in advance.

It protects your systems before they are patched with IBM Virtual Patch technology.

It protects your entire network from known and unknown threats using the latest threat intelligence and behavior analysis.

It rapidly researches the latest global security threats, turns into action and gathers intelligence.

It saves time and resources by means of automated threat intelligence summary flow and virtual patch technology.

It uses IBM X-Force research for data collection studies and protection against the threat of attacks on its extensive knowledge base.

IBM Security Network Protection Model Comparison :

IBM Security Network Protection Video

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IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar SIEM combines log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications scattered across a network. IBM QRadar SIEM helps to prioritize security events by associating system vulnerabilities with event and network data.It normalizes and correlates the row data in order to detect the security errors, and it uses the advanced Sense Analytics engine to remove false positives, uncover advanced threats, detect anomalies, and ensure normal behavior. It includes the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence software.

Features of IBM QRadar SIEM features:

It detects and localizes improperly used applications, on-premises fraud, and advanced threats that occur at a low speed and slowly that may have been lost amid millions of daily events.

It provides multiple user capabilities as well as the main console to assist managed service providers in providing cost-effective security intelligence solutions.

It converts billions of events and streams into a small number of attack data points that can be processed and prioritizes them based on their impact on jobs.

It provides transparency, accountability and measurability in order to fulfill regulatory requirements and conduct compliance reporting.

It creates detailed data access and user activity reports to help the management compliance.

By generating detailed data access and user activity reports, it enables more effective threat management.

It tracks all access to customer data by user name and IP address to ensure that data privacy policies are followed.

To identify changes in behaviors associated with applications, hosts, users, and network areas, it performs the processes of realization of basic activity lines and detection of anomalies.

It provides real-time visibility corresponding the entire IT infrastructure to detect and prioritize threats.

It instantly normalizes and correlates the events for threat detection and compliance reporting.

It reduces and prioritizes alerts so that security analysts can focus their investigations on a manageable list of suspected events and high-probability issues.

It collects network flow data, including Layer 7 (application layer) data from switches and routers.

It enables the inclusion of IBM QRadar, QFlow, and IBM QRadar VFlow Collector tools to provide comprehensive insight and visibility into applications (such as enterprise resource management), databases, collaboration products, and social media through comprehensive inspection of Layer 7 network traffic.

It can work in corporate infrastructure or at cloud environments.

It detects downtimes or unusual usages in an application or cloud-based service, as well as network activity patterns that are inconsistent with previous usage patterns.

It has an easy-to-use reporting engine that does not require an advanced database and report writing skills.

IBM QRadar SIEM Screenshots :

IBM QRadar SIEM Introduction Video

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IBM X-Force

Security experts monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, including a database of over 88,000 computer vulnerabilities, a web general information/document aggregator with over 25 billion web pages and URLs, an international spam compiler, and millions of spyware samples collected daily. IBM X-Force helps customers and researchers to have a better understanding of the latest security risks in general and overcome the emerging threats. It produces many thought leadership assets, including the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly Report. In addition, blog posts are regularly published on Security Intelligence.com, along with research papers and webinars based on the insights of our Managed Security Services.IBM X-Force Exchange is a cloud-based threat intelligence sharing platform that allows users to quickly research the most recent global security threats, gather responsive intelligence, and collaborate with peers. IBM X-Force Exchange is supported by human and machine-generated intelligence that utilises IBM X-Force scale.

The IBM X-Force Research and Development(R&D) team provides the foundation for a priority approach to Internet security. This group compiled from the security experts investigates and evaluates the vulnerabilities and security-related issues. It generates assessment and countermeasure technology for IBM products, as well as informs the public about new Internet threats. These insights are shared through blogs, documents, webinars, infographics, and interactive data visualizations.IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence enhances the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform’s analytics capabilities by adding dynamic Internet threat data, for allowing you to gain more intelligence and choose the best security application. Enhancing the QRadar threat analysis capabilities with last-minute data on Internet threats helps organizations to see new threats faster, gain more insights and context, prioritize security events, and prevent or minimize attacks.

Features of IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence:

The company monitors billions of security incidents, tracks millions of unsolicited emails and e-fraud attacks, and has analyzed billions of web pages and images.

It provides a general research area and collects data from multiple research sources.

It uses IBM X-Force research for data collection efforts and protection against the threat of attack to comprehensive knowledge base.

It allows the comprehensive detections of the vulnerabilities in a wide range of scenarios.

Businesses and governments collaborate with vertical sector information centers and general coordination centers.

It provides vulnerability coverage across a variety of usage cases to maximize additional threat intelligence value.

It provides context and more insight for security situations involving IP addresses of suspicious origin.

It analyzes proof-of-concepts and common usage codes and updates the IBM Internet Security Systems AlertCon Resource Center at almost real time.

It automatically sends the most up-to-date X-Force data to IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform analytics in order to provide deeper insights and superior protection.

IBM X-Force Screenshots and Sample Reports:

IBM X-Force Introduction Video

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IBM AppScan

AppScan is a provider of application security testing tools that help software publishers detect and remediate vulnerabilities, and comply with regulations and security best practices. Its powerful static, dynamic and interactive scanning engines can deploy in every phase of the development lifecycle and test web applications, APIs and mobile applications. AppScan’s scanning engines are maintained by expert security researchers and continuously updated to remain current with new technologies and attack tactics.

  • DevOps-ready application security testing that can work in harmony with most CI/CD pipelines
  • Shift-left security to help businesses identify issues early in the development lifecycle, when they are easier and cheaper to fix
  • A complete security testing suite that orchestrates multiple scanning technologies – DAST, SAST, SCA and IAST – to find more vulnerabilities
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning to automate the testing of every incremental release and discover the vulnerabilities that can leave you open to risks
  • Continuous compliance with regulations and industry best practices to ensure you are always in compliance

DAST (Dynamic application security Testing) VS SAST (Static application Security Testing)

Dramatic acceleration of our DAST scans is enabled via a combination of new capabilities, including:

  • Test optimizations focus on the more severe vulnerabilities, and those that are more likely to be identified, ensuring that shorter scans yield useful findings.
  • Focusing scans on the significant vulnerabilities, and continuously adapting test policies to the current threat landscape, dramatically reduces scan times.
  • In AppScan V10, users can choose to trade-o between speed (in some cases, up to 90% shorter test time) and depth or can still run full scans as needed.
  • Incremental scans that focus only on the parts of the application that changed enable dramatic acceleration of scan times.
  • Instead of analyzing the entire application for every release, scanners automatically identify those portions of the application that changed, and targets testing on that new functionality.

Faster SAST scans are enabled via three new capabilities introduced in our SAST scanning engine:

  • Configurable scanning allowing operators to trade off speed for depth
  • Distributed analytics used to accelerate computationally intensive processing by distributing it across multiple compute resources
  • Incremental scans enabling shorter scans that focus only on parts of the code that changed
  • More accurate scans are made possible using AI-based filtering and prioritization that focus attention on the high-severity vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

Game-Changing IAST

AppScan V10 introduces an all new Interactive Application Security Testing solution that is easy to install, introduces a lower performance impact, and delivers better vulnerability detection. The IAST agent automatically instruments the application’s runtime and monitors for vulnerable code executions that require attention. More specifically, it monitors taint propagation and the quality of the application’s sanitizers.

AppScan IAST can be used in passive mode, without any deliberate eorts to exploit the application, or in active mode, where a DAST scanner is used to actively “attack” the application.
AppScan IAST can be used at any stage in the development lifecycle – IDE to production – to pinpoint vulnerable code executions for developers testing their code from the IDE, QA and security experts analyzing the application in a test environment, or operations teams monitoring the application in production.

Developer-Centric Testing Tools

AppScan V10 helps businesses implement shift-left security testing by introducing testing tools adapted for developer-use. AppScan’s IDE plug-in enables developers to run real-time scans on the code in the IDE. Vulnerable code is marked up – like a spellchecker would mark-up a misspelled word – and developers can easily fix the problem using contextual fix recommendations. AppScan also supports private SAST, DAST and IAST, to help developers identify problems in private, before they commit their code, and more importantly, before they impact the release cycle.

DevOps-Ready Automation

Improved APIs

AppScan V10 features dozens of new or improved APIs for triggering scans, modifying configurations, managing users, and more.

Improved plug-ins

The AppScan security testing suite features a rich set of plug-ins to ensure it works in harmony with other DevOps tools. V10 introduces major improvements to the Jenkins and UrbanCode plug-ins.


AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) continues to deliver a comprehensive suite of security testing tools from the cloud, including SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA and mobile scanning. Customers can start scanning their applications without installing any software, and without any upfront license fees.


AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool designed for security experts and pen- testers. Using a powerful scanning engine, AppScan automatically crawls the target app and tests for vulnerabilities.

AppScan Enterprise delivers scalable application security testing and risk-management capabilities, to help enterprises manage risk and compliance. AppScan enables security, DevOps teams to collaborate, establish policies and perform testing throughout the application development lifecycle. AppScan Enterprise’s REST interface enables integration with various automation tools to ensure seamless integration with DevOps’ CI/CD pipelines.

AppScan Source helps organizations develop more secure software, and avoid costly vulnerabilities that surface late in the development lifecycle. By integrating security testing early in the development cycle – i.e. shift-left security – AppScan reduces risk exposure and reduces remediation costs.

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IBM Guardium

IBM Security Guardium is a comprehensive data security platform that provides all capabilities from discovery and classification of sensitive data to monitoring data and file activity and masking, encryption, blocking, alerting and quarantine in order to protect sensitive data.

IBM Security Guardium helps customers to support all use cases, including compliance initiatives, privacy initiatives, big data security projects, and intrusion prediction projects, with comprehensive data protection.

IBM Security Guardium is designed to protect critical data wherever it is located. This comprehensive data protection platform enables security teams to automatically analyze what is happening in their data environment to help minimizing risks, protecting sensitive data from internal and external threats, and seamlessly adapting to changes that affect data security.

Features of IBM Security Guardium Product Family:

It helps to discover and classify sensitive data, automatically reveals compliance risks.

It protects the business from liability with comprehensive audit capabilities and automated data compliance for dynamic and inert data.

It supports new and traditional data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud

The Threat Diagnostic Center scans and analyzes audited data to detect signs that may indicate an internal or external database attack, such as SQL injections and detecting procedures that contain spyware.

It supports your entire data protection process, from end-to-end data protection to the compliance with the same infrastructure and approach

It protects critical data with encryption, masking, proofreading, and a dynamic blocking and alerting system

A dynamic Data Protection Dashboard centralizes key indicators of progress in compliance and minimizing data and repository risks so that key stakeholders can see the organization's data security situation and take appropriate action.

IBM Security Guardium Product Family

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption provides encryption capabilities to help you protect structured and unstructured data and comply with the sector and regulation compliance requirements. This software performs encryption and decryption operations with minimal negative impact on performance and does not require any changes to databases, applications or networks.

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Databases

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption for IBM DB2 and IBM IMS™ Databases provides encryption for DB2 for IBM z/OS and IMS data systems. DB2 uses IBM System z encryption hardware to protect sensitive data at the line level and IMS segment level. It provides DB2 arrangement paths and IMS exit paths by using the z/OS Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility to protect sensitive data on storage media.

IBM Security Guardium Activity Monitor for Files

IBM Security Guardium Activity Monitor for Files can help you to meet compliance obligations and reduce the risks of large data breaches. IBM Security Guardium Activity Monitor for Files allows you to discover, monitor, and control access to sensitive files on local or networked file systems. It develops full visibility so that all processes on the file system, mounted and removable storage become visible for users, developers, outsourced personnel and applications.

IBM Security Guardium Data Privacy for Hadoop

IBM Security Guardium Data Privacy for Hadoop authenticates and monitors sensitive data in big data environments. The solution provides a number of Apache Hadoop capabilities to review or mask data, monitor and audit data activity, and protect common data definitions. IBM Security Guardium Data Privacy for Hadoop protects data in various Hadoop environments and supports compliance initiatives.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data

IBM Security Guardium data protection for Big Data Analytic provides cognitive analytics about sensitive data to explore unusual activities, prevents unauthorized data access, gives you alerts about any suspicious activity, automates compliance workflows, protects against internal and external threats. Continuous monitoring and real-time security policies protect data across the enterprise without negative performance impact or changes to data sources or applications.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases

IBM Security Guardium data protection for databases provides cognitive analytic for efficient data tracking activities to detect unusual activities about the sensitive data, and it prevents unauthorized data access, gives you alerts about any suspicious activity, automates compliance workflows, protects against internal and external threats. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data can be combined with IBM Security Guardium for Files for more comprehensive monitoring and protection of sensitive data across the enterprise.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files provides cognitive analytics for activity monitoring for sensitive data, to discover unusual activity related to sensitive data, it prevents unauthorized data access, alerts about suspicious activity, automates compliance workflows, and protects against internal and external threats. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files helps you to meet compliance obligations and reduce the risks of large data breaches.

IBM Security Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases

IBM Security Guardium Express Activity Monitor for Databases provides you analysis, protection, and adoption capabilities to support data activity monitoring. It supports monitoring capability of efficient data activity for distributed database repositories. It provides a permitted, transparent and secure way to continuously monitor database activity, trigger preset real-time alerts about suspicious activity, and generate detailed audit logs for compliance reporting.

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment specifies security risks such as missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorized changes, misconfigured privileges, and other vulnerabilities. IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment also detects behavioral vulnerabilities such as account sharing, unnecessary administrative logins, and unusual after-hours activity. IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessments specify threats and vulnerabilities in databases that can be exploited by attackers and hackers to gain access to sensitive data.

IBM Security Guardium Data Redaction

IBM Security Guardium Data Redaction automatically specify sensitive content in unstructured data sources and protects sensitive data in documents, forms and files from inadvertent disclosure by detecting and removing data from the publicly shared document version. It supports many document formats such as scanned documents, PDF, TIFF, XML and Microsoft Word. On the one hand IBM Security Guardium Data Redaction supports data share for operational usage, on the other hand it is the fundamental component of information governance strategy which protects sensitive data.

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager helps to meet the standards and regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It supports the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard. It centralizes, facilitates and automates the encryption and key management process to help minimizing risks and reducing operational costs. It offers powerful key storage, service and lifecycle management for IBM and non-IBM storage devices.

IBM Security InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy removes cookies from confidential information provided on demand, including big data platforms. It statically or dynamically masks data in applications, databases, and reports in production and non-production environments. InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy improves data protection and supports compliance initiatives. It masks confidential information in applications, databases, and reports based on business principles to protect data privacy.

Features of IBM Security Guardium Database Protection:

IBM Security Guardium Promotional Video:

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IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is an organisational mobility management platform that can be deployed and scaled more easily. Companies can protect and centrally manage their mobile devices, applications, and content with IBM MaaS360, which offers flexible solutions to meet their specific needs. Many companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses, rely on this software as the foundation of mobile initiatives that helps to provide mobile applications and content while protecting personal privacy and data security.

MaaS360 Product Family Versions

IBM MaaS360 Management Suite

It provides you an access to and control over the mobile devices and applications that your company uses. The software offers enterprise mobile device, application and expense management from a single screen; it allows you to authorize and manage policy settings, applications and data usage.

Features of IBM MaaS360 Management Suite:

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management: It helps facilitation of mobile device management by providing visibility and control of smartphones, tablets, and laptops throughout the organization.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Management: It helps you to deploy, manage and protect mobile enterprise applications.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management: It helps you set enterprise-wide spending policies and proactively monitor mobile data and app usage.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management: It allows you to detect, analyze and create solutions for corporate malware on iOS and Android devices.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management: Provide security and management on a single console for both Windows PCs and Macs so that you have everything you need to manage the product lifecycle, by means of wireless recording, policy configuration and visibility, auditing and reporting of your laptops.

IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite

IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite provides a solution to prevent loss of corporate data with consistent and seamless workflows for iOS, Android and other devices. It enables employees to securely access corporate data while protecting their mobile experience. Users can manage their email, calendar and contacts with an office productivity app which is independent and rich in terms of security. It aims to prevent loss of corporate data for mobile devices.

Features of IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite:

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security: It provides operational and security management for iOS, Android, and other devices by providing an application container for organization and third-party applications.

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser: It increases productivity and protects data by controlling access to corporate intranet sites and public websites on mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail: It provides an office productivity application which is standalone and rich in terms of security for users to access their email, calendar and contacts.

IBM MaaS360 Content Suite

IBM MaaS360 Content Suite provides an easy and scalable way to distribute, manage and protect documents on smartphones and tablets. It allows employees to view, edit, and synchronize business documents across mobile devices while ensuring their manageability and control in an encrypted container that is rich in terms of security. Each document can have its own security policy and can be distributed to users, groups, or individual devices to create a highly personal and compatible user experience. It is an easy and scalable way to distribute, manage, and secure documents.

IBM MaaS360 Content Suite Features:

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Content Management: It allows you to manage and control content in an encrypted container for more secure document access on mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Editor: It enables users to securely create, organize and save organizational content on their mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Sync: It helps to improve productivity and efficiency by allowing users to sync documents across all of their managed mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite

IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite provides products that provide mobile access to resources behind the firewall, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Windows file sharing content, intranet sites, and application data. It does not require any changes to your network, firewall security configuration, or device virtual private network (VPN) for access. IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite helps to secure content by using the principles of authorization, encryption, and container approach.

Features of IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite:

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Browser: It provides access to the corporate intranet, company websites, and old web applications without a device-level VPN connection.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Documents: It provides a rich access in terms of security to organizational file documents from mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Apps: It develops enterprise applications with access to data and resources within the company via in-app VPN.

IBM MaaS360 Dashboard

IBM MaaS360 Demonstration Video

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