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Mojo Networks

Mojo® Networks has been a global leader in enterprise wireless network security products since 2002. It offers network security solutions to its customers in many sectors with its award-winning security products.

Mojo cloud allows you to create wireless networks and manage all this workflow using a special purpose cloud architecture at your enterprise standards for wireless access, security and every application. It provides high security with scalable, secure and cost-effective automated approaches.

General features :

Zero-touch device requirements (VoIP devices)

You can manage thousands of devices at once with simple policies

Scheduled, no-approval cloud and device updates

Dynamic RF optimization and user gestures

View wireless networks, devices and user details with a customizable interface

With a single click, you can switch between your wireless networks listed from top to bottom.

Graphical package analyzes for quick decisions

You can easily integrate your data about the multi-distribution system into your external systems.

You can examine all workflows in detail with powerful API access.

You can view all details and alerts in real time from the cloud and access points.

Mojo Patents :

WIPS Methodology

Wireless network security monitoring

Autonomous WIPS threat inspection and prevention

Infiltration Scanning and Prevention Techniques

Foreign scanning and classification (with marked packet technology)

Scanning for MAC address spoofing (MAC Spoofing)

Automatic user classification

DoS attack scanning

Threat scanning and prevention

Preventing leaks with ARP manipulation

DoS attack routing

Location Detection and RF Modeling

Predictive RF visualization

Cloud Management

Cloud-managed WIPS

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Mojo Wi-Fi – High Level Wireless Connectivity

Mojo APs, which work through a completely cloud control device without the need for you to purchase any control device, offer you high-level WLAN features such as content filtering, firewall, QoS, acceptance panel, packet capture, packet analysis and BYOD device addition in your WiFi network as standard.

Product features :

Dual radio 802.11a/n/acradio2×2:2 access on 802.3af PoE

Dual radio 802.11a/n/acradio3x3:3access on 802.3af PoE

Dual radio 802.11a/n/acradio4x4:4 access on 802.3af PoE

WPA and WPA2 802.1x authentication

HotSpot 2.0 (Relase 1&2)

Support for multiple BSSIDs and VLANs

NAT per SSID and bridging operation support

NAT per SSID and bridging operation support

Ability to create ready-made web interfaces and advertising campaigns for guest networks

Authentication with social media, mail, SMS or web forms you specify

Content filtering and installed firewall

Application monitoring ve application firewall

Traffic shaping to manage allocated bandwidth per SSID

QoS for real-time and mission-critical applications

Secure BYOD – device monitoring and adding

Packet capture and packet analysis from the desired device

Mojo WIPS – Auto Attack / Attack Prevention

Mojo WIPS is the only product on the market that offers WIPS for wireless networks. Unlike its competitors, it does not only scan with WIDS, but also prevents against all WiFi attack and attack scenarios. It has more than 30 patents in this field. Using Mojo’s patented Marker Packet technique, Mojo WIPS can detect foreign devices on the network, malicious APs, malicious devices listening to the wireless network, down to its location.

Technical specifications :

Automatic reporting

Ability to create WLAN policies

Detection of cellular devices

Packet capture in real time and according to the desired device (from L1 to L7)

Preventing users from connecting with other unauthorized APs

Enterprise WIPS (You can manage 15,000 sensors from a single interface)

VLAN protection (A single sensor can control up to 100 VLANs.)

Dynamic classification rules

BYOD protection

Real-time threat monitoring

Frequency analysis

Automatic threat prevention

Automatic alarm

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Mojo Cloud – Cloud Centric Management

With Mojo’s patented hierarchical location-based control panel, you can assign the desired policy or policies to 10 or 10 thousands of APs at the same time with a single click. The features provide a one-to-one solution for companies with scattered locations. It allows you to manage all your locations from a single window. You can easily view the APs in each location and the users connected to them, and perform application and performance monitoring.

No Controls Device Required, No Installation Required (Zero-Touch)

Mojo APs do not need a hardware controller. This greatly reduces costs. Most brands of controllers cost more than total AP prices. In addition, it is another problem that these devices are wasted if the number of APs increases or decreases. In Mojo, on the other hand, you can manage all your APs without paying any fee by installing the Mojo Server Manager in your own virtual structure or with servers that only you can access from Mojo’s Cloud Service.

As soon as Mojo Access Points and sensors are connected to the Internet, they automatically connect to your Mojo Cloud and download the settings and policies you specify according to its location. As a result, installation in remote areas is as easy as plugging in the cable, even without the need for IT staff.

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Mojo Planner – Automatic WLAN and WIPS Planning

It allows you to place and test your APs in a virtual environment before installing with Mojo Planner. Thus, you can find out how to have the best shooting area and place the APs according to the plan you have made. It maintains frequency data for APs and sensors in its database. For models other than Mojo, it allows you to create custom models. APs or sensors can be easily moved and dropped onto floor plans. RF heat maps are based on signal strength, coverage, redundancy, interference, channel margin, wireless breach inspection, blocking, etc. It provides a rich view of your network based on

If the location where you want to install has AutoCAD drawings, when you import these plans, Mojo will do this for you, with the Auto AP nesting tool, it will show you the layout that offers the best shooting area. You can also benefit from the fact that Mojo Planner does the whole process on its own based on your scope (connection speed, etc.) or capacity (number of users connecting simultaneously, traffic load, VolParams, etc.).

Key Features :

Quickly find out your RF coverage by holding and dropping devices.

Auto AP deployment and automatic channel assignment to prevent tampering.

The only RF planning tool with support for Wi-Fi coverage and capacity and WIPS security capacity planning.

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