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NetMotion Software

Mobile Performance Management and Traffic Optimization
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NetMotion Mobile

NetMotion offers mobile performance management and traffic optimization solutions compatible with hybrid networks and different mobile devices for uninterrupted operation of business applications. NetMotion has won numerous awards for its technology and customer support.

NetMotion Mobile Performance Management Components;

Traffic Optimization; Increases the productivity of employees using wireless networks.

NetMotion mobile performance management and traffic optimization increase the efficiency of business applications, while reducing employee connection problems.


  • Data compression and acceleration for better performance; It is used for stability in high packet loss and slow networks.
  • Ability to work in any coverage area; Maintains the stability of business applications regardless of coverage characteristics.
  • Ability to work from anywhere; Regardless of which network the employees are on, the system provides the fastest network connection.
  • Data compression for less cost; It performs data compression for minimum cost in GSM infrastructures.
Adaptive Policies; Applies smart control policies on mobile user experiences.

NetMotion provides security by enforcing many different rules such as mobile performance management, applications, devices and networks.

Properties :

  • Application prioritization and authorization; Adjusts data usage according to the priority of the application.
  • Application performance troubleshooting; Even if the application is not designed to run at low speed, NetMotion makes optimizations to tolerate this situation.
  • Rules according to applications; Different authorizations can be given to applications with security or network access rules.
  • Detailed security; It ensures that applications work with the required rules depending on the policies.
Performance Analysis and Diagnosis; It informs about the details by measuring mobile usage.

NetMotion offers mobile performance management, real-time analytics and insights on mobile devices, applications, and networks.


  • Performs specific problems and root cause analysis; Analyzes the problems that occur in user connections.
  • Location and system information; It enables employees who are constantly on the move throughout the day to plan routes with more efficient calendars.
  • Real-time network status monitoring; Provides tracking of device locations with scope map.
Security ; Provides detailed control to enforce strict security policies.

NetMotion mobile performance management has very detailed security rules for mobile security strategies.


  • Detailed security; Different security rules can be applied according to different rules such as location.
  • Insecure device protection; Protects company infrastructure against untrusted devices.
  • The firewall ; Dangerous traffic is prevented by the security mechanism on each device.
  • IT security integration; It sends all log records to the SIEM product for analysis.
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NetMotion VPN

NetMotion VPN; You need to use VPN features for your business needs.

It is a corporate private network system optimized for the mobile needs of employees who have to work in constantly mobile and constantly mixed networks with the development of technology. It is designed for office, home and remote location users to use their business applications in the best way possible.

How does mobile VPN work;

How does a corporate VPN work;


It does not require installation and maintenance.

It provides protection against dangers such as viruses, worms and spyware.

There is a central management console.

It has security features such as 2FA, FIPS 140-2 AES, NSA Suite B.

Wireless performance optimizations are available.

Problem analysis tools are available for network and applications.

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