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Software Test Environment Management

Comparison of Actual Results with Previously Predicted Results

Test Environment Management

There are rapid changes in the area of software as a reflection of today’s technology needs. Adapting to this pace leads to a fast and high-quality software development process. In order to reveal the quality within this flow, it is necessary that the testing processes and the environment are compatible at the same pace. Adapting physical testing environments has always been a challenge and challenge. Physical hardware investments made to cope with this problem are both expensive and it causes cumbersomeness after a certain stage. It is precisely at this point that virtualization developed at this point creates solutions that solve both this problem and ensure the rapid and low cost of high-quality software.

Thanks to Parasoft Virtulize and IBM Virtualization solutions, which we have become a solution partner for the occasion of this service, we ensure that this challenge is managed both quickly and at a low cost method.