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Full Disk Encryption
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  • Full Disk Encryption

Endpoint Protection

Sophos has been a developer of endpoint, web and network security products since 1985.

Sophos Endpoint Protection, don’t expect to provide the protection necessary to develop corrosive situations at the endpoint. It provides protection against exploit, zero-day, malware and virus-based fears with its different modules.

It is designed by SophosLabs to protect the infrastructure in all kinds of movements of a wide variety of concerns such as web and application, application URLs, potential applications.

Sophos Endpoint Protection can be purchased in 2 ways :

Sophos Central Management (Cloud) : Cloud-based central management console. Recommended for distributed structures.

Sophos Enterprise Console (On-Premise) : It is the use of SQL-based local server and console for internal use.

Sophos Endpoint Protection Features :

Sophos Antivirüs : Provides virus protection for Windows, Linux, Unix and MAC endpoints.

Sophos AntiMalware : Analyzes behavior against known or unknown pests such as Trojans and worms.

Dangerous Traffic Detection (MTD) : Provides protection against remotely managed pests by monitoring web traffic.

Behavior Monitoring (HIPS) : Application behavior is analyzed by analyzing all HTTP traffic on the endpoint.

Web Security: Provides protection to prevent dangerous web-based situations.

Web Filtering: It performs category-based web control, depending on the policies, while inside or outside the company.

Firewall : Blocks ports on the endpoint, preventing access to malicious ports.

Application Control : Classifies and blocks applications according to categories.

Malware Control (PUA) : Provides protection against harmful applications such as adware, spyware, dialers.

Device Control : Manages authorization for portable devices and mobile devices.

Data Control (DLP) : Provides rule-based data protection solutions.

YamaPatch and vulnerability management : Tracks patch deficiencies and vulnerabilities on endpoints.

Agent protection : Prevents the removal of the agent by the user on the endpoint.

Sophos Endpoint Protection Licensing Comparison :

Sophos Endpoint Protection is one of the leading Endpoint Security products :

Sophos Central Management (Cloud) Screenshots :

Sophos Enterprise Console (On-Premise) Screenshots :

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Full Disk Encryption

Sophos SafeGuard is a centralized encryption management product that performs Full Disk Encryption and File Encryption. Encryption is continuous, when data is generated, it is encrypted and protected as quickly as possible.

Full Disk Encryption: The operating system encrypts and protects the entire installed disk.

File Encryption: It prevents unfair access by encrypting files immediately.

Proactive Data Protection with synchronized encryption.

Sophos SafeGuard encrypts content as it is created. Encryption works continuously and ensures secure operation. Synchronized encryption provides proactive security by keeping the user and application under constant control before data is accessed. This continuous protection is the most comprehensive data security solution on the market.

Does not affect user work

Sophos SafeGuard File Encryption automatically and transparently handles data encryption, decryption and access. Your users can open, edit, or share internally an encrypted file as they normally would. It only takes one click to create decrypted or password protected files to share externally.

Provides proactive protection against data theft.

SafeGuard File Encryption provides smart protection solutions against data theft. It automatically encrypts the contents and these files are protected encrypted in the cloud or file sharing environments. Even if the data falls into the wrong hands with SafeGuard, in these cases the data will be unusable, encrypted and unreadable.

Real-time hazard protection

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise provides synchronized encryption with Sophos Endpoint Protection. The SafeGuard agent monitors the Security Heartbeat signals on the endpoint and provides proactive protection.

For example: when there is any virus attack or infection on the endpoint, the SafeGuard agent temporarily withdraws the encryption keys, making the data on the endpoint unreadable. When the endpoint protection resolves the problem and the endpoint is secure again, SafeGuard Management Center resends the encryption keys to the endpoint, removing this temporary protection and continuing access to the encrypted files.

Password protected secure data transfer

Sophos SafeGuard File Encryption creates an encrypted file in HTML5 format so that data can be sent outside the company securely, and allows this data to be sent outside the company. When this data reaches the receiver, opening the HTML file and entering the password on the screen will be sufficient to access this encrypted file. For details on this topic, you can watch the video below.

One-click decryption

When you want to send the encrypted data inside the company outside the company without encryption with Sophos SafeGuard File Encryption, it will be enough to decrypt this file by right-clicking on it. This transaction is a recorded transaction and the system administrator will be able to see this transaction from the logs.

Protects data on lost devices

Sophos SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption prevents data from lost devices from being accessed and is the first step towards data security. A password is required before the disc can be opened. SafeGuard provides centralized management of Windows BitLocker and OSX FileVault 2 encryptions through the SafeGuard Management Console.

Your internal encrypted data on your mobile device

Sophos SafeGuard provides in-house encryption keys with Sophos Mobile Control to securely open your in-house data from iOS and Android devices. With this feature, mobile users can securely view, access and share encrypted files.

Central management panel (Sophos SafeGuard Management Center)

Encryption keys and encryption policies are managed through this central console. With SafeGuard Management Center, data security policies and encryption key exchange, storage and recovery operations can be performed. It can also be used in internal audits by obtaining compliance and audit reports.

Sophos Sophos SafeGuard Features :

Continuous encryption

Synchronous encryption

Comprehensive encryption across platforms and devices

Transparent encryption process

Compliance with compliance rules

Central key management

Manages encryptions such as Bitlocker and FileVault2

Supports Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and cloud infrastructures

Syncs encryption keys with Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos SafeGuard Standard and protocols :

Symmetric encryption: AES 128 bit, AES 256 bit, XTS-AES 128 bit, XTS-AES 256 bit

Asymmetric encryption : RSA (PKCS#1)

PKI certificates: PKSC #7, PKCS #12, X.509 certificates

Authentication types: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

Password authentication : PKCS #5

Protocol and interfaces: PKCS #11, PKCS #15, LDAP, Microsoft Cryptographic Service * Provider (CSP), SOAP, XML, SSL, TCG, CCID, Kerberos

Sophos SafeGuard Certifications :

Common Criteria EAL 3+

Common Criteria EAL 4

FIPS 140-2 cryptography

Safenet eToken & EnCase

Endpoint operating systems supported with Sophos SafeGuard :

Windows XP SP3 Professional

Windows Vista SP2 Business, Enterprise, Ultimate Edition

Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate Edition

Windows 8.1 Pro, Enterprise Edition

Windows 10, Windows 10 TH2, Windows 10 RS1 Pro, Enterprise and Education Edition

How Sophos SafeGuard Works Video

Sophos SafeGuard Licensing Options Comparison

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