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NextUser Behavior Analytics + User Activity
Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User Behavior Analysis (UEBA) with User Activity Monitoring (UAM) to prevent insider threat-based breaches.
See Anything & Everything

Cerebral allows you to record and comprehensively monitor all the digital activities of your employees.In addition to providing detailed control over which activities and programs you will watch, it also monitors and provides detailed reports according to the department, group or individual, regardless of whether the user is outside the network.

Cerebral's Risk Scoring

At a glance, you see all users with a high risk level. This daily Risk Score allows your security team to proactively hunt for threats, maximizing efficiency and security.

Cerebral AI-based behavioral analysis continuously monitors each user's activity to generate daily risk scores. The Risk Score dashboard shows high scores, trends, recent alerts and user information for each day. It provides an immediate overview of high-risk, user behavior in your organization.

Customizable Productivity Reports

Pre-configured and customizable, productivity reports can be viewed online or emailed to you. Find out which employees work hard and who surf the web. Veriato provides the clarity you need to manage effectively and maximize productivity.

Productivity & Engagement Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring for Employees in Office or at Remote Locations

See Who’s Thriving & Who’s Struggling

Not everyone thrives when working from home. To effectively work from home you need self-motivation, self-direction and self-discipline.

Additionally many people struggle with the isolation from their colleagues.

As a manager you need visibility and metrics to manage a dispersed workforce.

Productivity Metrics

At-a-glance reporting lets you quickly see:

Log in and log out times

Time spent actively using work and non-work related applications

Time spent on websites

Time spent on social media

And much more…

Employee Disengagement

The ability to identify employee disengagement is crucial. This is especially true for a distributed workforce where personal interaction is limited at best.

Cerebral’s AI utilizes psycholinguistics to continually monitors employees written language to identify and alert you of signs of employee disengagement.

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