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Applied Computer Aided Audit Techniques Training


For the Audit and Control units; It is to ensure that the audit practices can be carried out in the computer environment with the data sets prepared in accordance with the field of activity and audit subjects of the companies.


• Our trainer has 20 years of experience in the field, so a customized training will be given to each Company according to their needs.
• The training period is 3 days in total. A half-day study will be conducted beforehand, company-specific methods will be determined, data will be prepared and training will be carried out practically.
• Training will be provided with software currently used as control or open source user-friendly software.
• At the end of the training, analytical control methods that you can use directly in your own systems will be delivered.

Target group

The target audience of the training, employees of companies for the purpose of Audit, Control, Anomaly detection and experts who want to improve their work with analytical techniques can participate.

Training Program (4 days)
Day One: Control Program Usage

If the training is given through an application that the participants already know, this content will not be made.

Installing the control program and making its basic settings

Presentation and usage of the program

Data access from different sources with data access functions

Data cleaning functions

Data processing functions

Data mapping functions

Statistical analysis functions

Reporting functions

Second Day: Audit Method

The components of Computer Aided Auditing are created and the most accurate methodology is determined for the institution. Lectures are made on the template method developed with previous experiences. The internal processes of the institution, how the auditor’s point of view should be changed, how he should communicate with other units, are explained through concepts and processes. At the end of the training, these templates are distributed to the participants.

Examination of the control area

Converting control headers into scenarios

Creation of the audit model

Enterprise data systems and access methods

Establishment of audit technical specs

Making basic data accesses

Third and Fourth Day (Practice)

In the third stage of the training, analyzes are made on the previously obtained ready-made data with the audit method determined through the Audit Program. Here, it is aimed to gain the basic analytical competencies that an auditor will need. By going over each command, it will be explained how to use it in accordance with the control.

Access to prepared data

Organizing and preparing data

Creation of control commands and rules

Designing audit scenarios on the program

Analyzing outputs and interpreting results


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Applied Computer Aided Audit Techniques Training Pre-Registration / Request Form