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Software / Systems Engineering Process Management
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What is Software / Systems Engineering Process Management (CMMI)?

The success of organizations producing and/or supplying software; It is closely related to the implementation of processes that are appropriate for the right need and that are “Continuously Improved”.

In education;

Development of corporate culture,

Measurable processes,

Continuously improving corporate structure,

Reducing project costs,

Increasing product and service quality,

Reducing the time spent with rework,

Reducing deviations in projected time and resource costs,

Information will be provided on the methods to be followed in order to achieve vital gains such as

CMMI Dev. 1.3 model will be based.

It is envisaged to monitor CMMI-based software processes in the public sector and many financial institutions. Since 2007, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries has been requesting CMMI level 3 certification from companies as a prerequisite for all software tenders. There is a great need for training and consultancy in the adaptation of software processes to the CMMI model in both the public and private sectors.

Software / Systems Engineering Process Management (CMMI) Training Content

Introduction to Management with Processes Focusing on the concepts of process and project

Overview of Software Development processes, information on inter-process relations

Defining and improving organizational processes

Defining organizational processes

Establishing a continuously improving corporate structure

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance activities that will take place in the organization will be explained.

Project Management Processes

Project Planning

Creation of the project plan, time, resource estimation

Information will be provided on the determination of the measurement criteria and the measurement plan.

Project Monitoring and Control

Monitoring of project costs

Preparation of progress reports

Project communication

Quality management

Information on monitoring and implementation of quality management will be provided.

Determination of quality policies and methods to be applied in the project, creation of a quality plan

Risk management

Establishing the risk management standards to be applied in the project, determining the risks, creating the risk plan, planning, implementing and monitoring the risk reduction activities

Information will be provided on the implementation of risk management at every stage of the project.

Supplier Management

Supplier selection, management and monitoring

Requirements Management

Information about the planning and execution of the requirements analysis process, and the creation of the Requirements Management Plan will be emphasized.

Engineering Processes

Developing requirements

Creation and documentation of system requirements (SyRS)

Creation and documentation of software requirements (SRS)

Information on the creation and documentation of the test plan will be supported by examples.

Technical Solution

High-end software design

Software design

Information will be provided on the preparation of test scenarios, the subject will be supported with examples.

Software Development and Product Integration

Information on software development standards will be provided.

Acceptance, deployment and establishment plan (acceptance plan, deployment plan)

Data transfer (Migration plan)

Information will be provided on the acceptance of the project, the installation and dissemination of software, data transfer and the maintenance phase.

Verification and Review

Information will be provided on the verification and review of process output work products.

Support Processes

Configuration management

Defining the configuration units, creating the configuration management plan

Receiving, performing and monitoring change request (Change Management)

Monitoring the configuration management

Decision Analysis

The subjects of ensuring that the decisions taken throughout the life of the project go through a certain analysis process, documenting and monitoring will be explained.

Organizational Training

Organization of organizational trainings

Who Should Attend Software / Systems Engineering Process Management (CMMI) Training?

Training, software professionals who will take charge in software organizations at all levels,

It is aimed at Quality Managers/experts, Process Improvement team members

Benefits of Software / Systems Engineering Process Management (CMMI) Training

The certificate it provides or the exams that can be attended

Preparation for CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) certification studies

PROYA participation certificate

Software / Systems Engineering Training Calendar

Education is given as open class and closed class. Training duration varies according to module, detail, consultancy and customization needs.

You can contact us or fill out the request form to request this training as a closed class in your own institution or to pre-register.

If you wish, you can get detailed information by calling +90 (216) 599 00 50 or +90 (312) 265 00 72 or writing to info@proya.net.

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