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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

An open, extensible data and artificial intelligence platform that works on all types of clouds

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

“IBM Cloud Pak for Data”, one of the new generation products of IBM, is an integrated data and artificial intelligence platform. The platform is based on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container. All the necessary parts in terms of data science are gathered on a single platform. Artificial intelligence, data management, data-ops, governance and business analytics technologies are offered together. It has been prepared for rapid adaptation to the changing data science needs of the company. “IBM Cloud Pak for Data” can be activated in as short as four hours time interval and initiated using immediately. It has an architecture that can easily work with other IBM services and third-party applications running in the cloud environment.

In order to make a difference in today’s economic conditions, productivity should be increased, competitive advantages should be analyzed well, and the present should be captured in order to prepare for the future. Artificial intelligence has become a must-have for both businesses and consumers under these circumstances.

Usage of artificial intelligence adds a lot of value to businesses, especially during the digital transformation process, and puts them ahead of their competitors. There are three basic requirements in order to get better results by combining artificial intelligence with data. These requirements are; solving data complexity of data, increasing analytical competencies and ensuring trust to data.

The Competencies that Your Company will gain with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Access all your data from a single medium without data duplication:

You can manage data requests from the same environment. Data access patterns can be determined according to different roles. By providing coordination between roles, more effective results can be achieved. It is seen that data is copied many times in traditional analysis environments, and additional studies are conducted to combine various sources.
These requirements have been completely eliminated with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. All end-to-end data access rules are automated, managed and became available with the innovations offered by artificial intelligence (AI). This provides you to focus on conclusion rather than process and it is concluded with more accurate analytical results. Take advantage of the advantages of data virtualization by meeting with artificial intelligence.

Have the opportunity to organize all your work in one environment.

It is possible for different teams to work in the same environment without causing any confusion. This creates an organizational memory record and ensures long-term viability. You can manage governance of data from different sources.You can classify your data and ensure its use by masking sensitive data. You can create corporate data rules and ensure data security. Data policies, security, compliance, and preparation can all be automated.The platform provides a centralized environment in which all data-related units can collaborate. In this way, intra-team coordination is achieved automatically and the best result and the most effective way of working are achieved.

Provides automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI for AI)

It offers automatic artificial intelligence. If you want, according to your requirements, artificial intelligence can make the data preparation for you, choose the proper algorithms, and reach to the ultimate result by making optimization. This whole process can be done without any external intervention. In this situation, where artificial intelligence acts like a data scientist, you can create a difference against your customers and stay ahead of the competition by integrating the results with your other systems.

Easily Applicable

In just four hours, you can have a completely private cloud system up and running. With fast adaptation, you can start to get fast results from your investments. You can also make the production process much faster for your data scientists by using ready-made algorithms in it.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be integrated with many systems in the ecosystem. In data access, the entire stages of analysis, modeling, artificial intelligence and presentation of results can be integrated.

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