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Enterprise SIEM solution

LogPoint – Enterprise SIEM solution

LogPoint SIEM collects log records from system and applications, latest NoSQL querying and key events and searches using Big Data usages. Thanks to this technology, Logint seconds can collect more events and informational log records using only one server. Even with a low-owning server, it can proactively monitor the network and catch real-time security threats, prevent and perform cyber attacks.

Boeing, one of the LogPoint partners, seeks EAL +3 certification in the software it uses, and LogPoint SIEM-platform has EAL +3 training.Preparations for partnership with Boeing Defense, Space and Security have proven to fulfill to require EAL +3 (Level 3) readiness. (About the subject: https://www.logpoint.com/en/common-criteria) This certification training is also called NATO quality training.

LogPoint Differences :

Flexible Structure : Log is uncomplicated, flexible and offers simple learning curves for every nature. You can apply it to your system as Software & Hardware or just software. Storage Capacity covers the inner and outer neighborhoods, LogPoint and other management layers.

Widespread Integration Support : Your existing applications can easily integrate with the LogPoint API.

Simple Categorized Classification : One of the best LogPoint’s is not to use it for what is categorized. Same type of applications, same category and similar events are automatically listed in the same way. If a new application, an item in the business unit is included in the system, the planning, interface and frame analysis, user support related to that item are automatically included in the system.

The success of Universal Search Language is to use a concise and effective language for detail information to plan what is going to happen in the system. LogPoint is a lightweight and contextual language that uses simple. SQL knowledge. It’s enough for you to “understand the programming paradigm” or simply “RegEx” data. LogPoint has a high language.

Product features :

Unmatched scalability

Transparent search and analysis

Big Data storage


Data & Information


Fast processing

Event link, active intervention engine

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