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Mobileiron (An Ivanti solution)

Endpoint Option to Users


What have we done for over ten years? Mobile device management (MDM), also known as enterprise mobility management (EMM), has succeeded in controlling valuable data on mobile devices for companies’ employees, contractors and field workers.

When we look at IT solutions, desktop computers and laptops were managed separately from mobile devices.

When we look at the recent periods, the demands are developing in a different direction.

There is an information technology request to consolidate through a method called unified endpoint management (UEM).

Today, since many endpoints with iOS, MacOS, Windows 10 and Android operating systems are included in companies with BYOD, COBO and COPE active, security and management have become the most important factors.

MobileIron UEM stands out for providing a single solution for organizations of all sizes, enabling and facilitating the management of their mobile devices and desktop computers. UEM provides material improvement and removes complexity. It provides a seamless experience for both the user and the administrator.

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