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Software Test Automation

Comparison of Actual Results with Previously Predicted Results

Test Automation

We are at a stage where time-to-market, quality and productivity needs are considered together in software. There are serious difficulties and responsibilities that this imposes, especially on the test site. Performing tests both quickly and efficiently is a factor that makes a difference in software development. Test automation is a software element that must be done in the testing field in order to meet this need.

The test automation strategy of the institution related to this service is determined. According to this strategy, the planning is done and the determined tests are automated. We have technical experts who can use both commercial and open source software for this service. The stages of the method we apply for your existing projects that you want to include in the automation process are as follows:

The practices and standards of Agile processes are indispensable and tried to be applied in today’s software development processes. As it is known, test automation is an indispensable part of agile processes. At this point, thanks to our experience and powerful test automation products, we can be the key solution to this problem.

Which code depth and interfaces do we automate?

Unit Testing

API Testing

GUI Based Testing